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OnCOReview nr 2eng/2015

1. Introduction
Sebastian Szmit, Eric E. Harrison

Teaching with case studies: cardio-onclogy

2. Effective treatment of severe hypertensive crisis in 2-year-old child with neuroblastoma
Anna Raciborska, Katarzyna Bilska, Jolanta Antoniewicz, Magdalena Rychłowska-Pruszyńska, Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo, Anna Fijałkowska

3. Cardiooncological balance in a 75-year-old male with a hepatocelluar carcinoma CSA IV and a congestive heart failure NYHA III "de novo"

4. Should a diagnosis of cancer impact the anticoagulant therapy in patients with recurrent thromboembolic disease?
Maria Wieteska, Marcin Kurzyna, Sebastian Szmit, Adam Torbicki

5. Efficiancy and safety of liposomal doxorubicin in a patients treated for metastatic breast cancer
Joanna Streb, Agnieszka Słowik

Teaching with case studies: interdisciplinary oncology

6. Knowledge about prevention, risk factors and treatment in women with diagnosed breast cancer. Whether the disease affects their healthy behaviour?
Andrzej Nowicki, Karolina Rusak, Piotr Rhone

Mini-review: cardio-oncology

7. Cardiotoxicity of radiotherapy in breast cancer patients
Paul McGale, Carolyn Taylor, Sarah Darby

8. Instruction for authors.
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