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OnCOReview nr 3/2016

1. Introduction
Sebastian Szmit, Eric E. Harrison

Mini-review: highlights of cardio-oncology
2. Cardiac Biomarkers and Early Detection of Cardiotoxicity
Daniel Lenihan, Benjamin D. Humphreys

3. Childhood Cancer Survivirship, Late Cardiotoxicity, and CV Prevention
Saro Armeniam, Daniel Lenihan

4. QT prolongation due to targeted anticancer therapy
Lucia Setteyova, Ljuba Bacharova, Beata Mladosievicova

5. Cardiotoxicity in breast cancer patients after radiotherapy - modern methods of minimizing the dose to the heart and dilemmas of choosing critical cardiac structures for monitoring dose distribution
Katarzyna Pudełek, Jacek Pudełek, Sergiusz Nawrocki

Teaching with case studies
6. "Life-saving" inappropriate implantable cardioverter-defiblirator shocks in a cancer patient
Piotr Futyma, Marek Płoszczyca, Ryszard Głuszczyk, Jerzy Kuźniar

7. Recurrent invasive pulmonary aspergillosis or breakthrough fungal infection in a child after haploidentical hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
Tomasz Ociepa

8. Maintenance chemotherapy with pemetrexed in patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma - case series and review of the literature
Joanna Kardas, Agnieszka Buraczewska

Original report
9. Analysis of 7965 screening colonoscopies and treatment results of detected colorectal cancers - experiences of one center
Andrzej Nowicki, Zbigniew Kula, Marzena Lemanowicz

10. Everolimus in every day practice of metastatic renal cell carcinoma therapy - one center experience
Joanna Huszno, Elżbieta Nowara

11. Instruction for authors
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